Because all of us are subject to the ravages of time, most people will suffer from some form of  dental deterioration.  Here are some factors that can make us appear older, affect our long-term health or cause unnecessary pain:

  • Yellowing, greying or other tooth discoloration
  • Shifting or misaligned teeth
  • “Black triangles” (dark spaces between teeth)
  • Teeth that are too short due to tooth wear or acid exposure
  • Teeth that are too long due to receding gums
  • A toothless smile
  • Loss of volume and density of teeth and bones
  • Uneven bite or jaw that clicks
  • Gums or teeth sensitive to heat, cold, or pressure
  • Heavy plaque build up which increases the risk of heart disease



Build Healthy Habits

Stop prematurely aging your teeth by unlearning the bad habits you developed while growing up.  Brush with only soft bristle toothbrushes to preserve tooth enamel.  Enamel is not replaceable, and hard bristles do permanent damage.  Don’t use your teeth as tools, find a proper one.  Similarly, avoid chewing ice, biting nails and chewing on pens.  Make flossing a daily habit if you don’t do this already to prevent gums from receding later on.


Address Structural Concerns

We all have cosmetic flaws in our smiles we’d like to change. Don’t wait until your 40s (like most people do) to address them. If you make the investment now, you will benefit from it the rest of your life. Have misaligned teeth straightened. There are new, inexpensive ways to do this discretely, without braces. Address any jaw pain you may have immediately. Left untreated, it can result in painful and expensive fractures.


Fine Tune Your Smile

The effects of age become more noticeable in our 40s. Commit to an ongoing regimen of whitening and brightening. Brush right away after consuming tomato sauce, red wine or coffee. Upgrade any metal or discolored fillings. Eliminate unsightly “black triangles” (gaps between teeth) that may come from shrinking gums which can expose the neck of the teeth. Gum recession can often be caused by a lack of knowledge of proper home care.


Preserve What You Have

Most of the aging that occurs in the bottom of the face is due to a lack of support from teeth, causing the appearance of lines as the face becomes shorter and rounder. Take supplements to prevent the loss of muscle and hard tissue. Avoid overly abrasive whitening toothpastes which can cause rapid loss of enamel. If you have acid reflux, get this treated immediately as it can also contribute to enamel erosion, making the teeth more sensitive and susceptible to staining.


Protect Against Further Aging

Our teeth become less sensitive over time as blood supply diminishes, making regular check ups more critical than ever. In the absence of symptoms, fractures and excessive wear can remain painless and undetected making restoration difficult or impossible. A loss of any tooth in the back of the mouth can cause front teeth to splay out, putting more stress on them and precipitating the loss of these teeth also.


Turn Back Time

Slow down the aging process and reverse damage that has occurred naturally from daily wear and tear on the teeth, staining and  gum recession. Through preventative maintenance techniques, targeted check ups as well as gentle cosmetic dentistry we can decelerate the aging of the teeth and gums while enhancing their appearance.