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Our practice takes a holistic approach to anti-aging dentistry by offering a wide range of services to Minimize wear and tear on your teeth and gums, Enhance the appearance of your smile, Prevent problems with a healthful oral regime and Repair instances of damage to your mouth.

Reduce pain, grinding, damage to the teeth and gums and jaw.

Diagnose and Treat

Erosion: diet, medical or environmental

Attrition: wear of the chewing surfaces of the teeth through mechanical function i.e. grinding of the teeth

Abrasion: mechanical wear of the enamel through aggressive tooth brushing or abrasive toothpaste

Abfraction: fractures of the tooth structure due to traumatic forces on the teeth caused by uneven or misaligned teeth, clenching of the teeth.

Botox for TMJ Disorder

Botox can also relive TMJ pain without nightguards.  It also reduces involuntary clenching.