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Our practice takes a holistic approach to anti-aging dentistry by offering a wide range of services to Minimize wear and tear on your teeth and gums, Enhance the appearance of your smile, Prevent problems with a healthful oral regime and Repair instances of damage to your mouth.

Improve tooth color, shape and alignment, outward appearance of the mouth.

Tooth Bleaching

One of the most effective method to dial up a smile is to increase the brightness of the teeth and bleaching is the most effective whitening technique. At home or in office treatments can brighten a smile 8-10 shades. We avoid the appearance of “Chicklet” teeth by matching your teeth to the natural color of the whites of your eye – no brighter.


The new Invisalign product helps us straighten teeth quickly and painlessly without braces.  Invisalign trays are a gentle, effective and virtually unnoticeable way to correct misalignment of teeth without drawing attention to the treatment process.


Veneers are thin custom-made “copings” of porcelain that are place on chipped, fractured, crooked or stained teeth to create an ideal smile.

Cosmetic Enamel Recontouring

Cosmetic recontouring is a process of filing down and recontouring teeth that are uneven or chipped.

Botox For Unsightly Lip Lines

Botox can be used around the mouth to smooth excessive creases on both sides of the smile that develop from muscle aging and oral activity.  Unlike dermatologists, practitioners in our office have extensive training on how to use Botox on this specific area of the face for a most natural look.