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Dental Implants Rockefeller Center

Dental Implants Rockefeller Center

Dental Implants Rockefeller Center

What are dental implants? Looking to get dental implants in Rockefeller Center? A dental implant is a metal post meant to serve as a permanent tooth root. They are surgically positioned to provide a strong foundation for replacement, artificial teeth to be mounted on. Dental implants are a great long-term solution for people who are suffering from missing teeth.


Bridges and dentures for a long time were the only solutions to missing teeth. However, dental implants are now a more popular and better choice. With bridges, the adjacent teeth have to be prepared to be attached. However, with dental implants, the adjacent teeth do not need to be tampered with.


Here are some of the advantages of having dental implants:

  • Improved speech: Your words can be slurred if your poor-fitting dentures slip within your mouth. Rest assured knowing that dental implants won’t slip.
  • Convenience: You do not have to worry about awkwardly removing dentures.
  • Improved appearance: Not only do dental implants feel like your own teeth, they look like them too. Do not be afraid to show off your new powerful teeth.
  • Comfortable eating: Chewing with sliding dentures is difficult and uncomfortable. Chewing and eating with dental implants is easy and painless. Eat all your favorite foods with confidence.
  • Better Oral Health: These sturdy yet comfortable dental implants will last a whole lifetime with the proper care. No other teeth are altered, thus improving your oral health in the long-run.


Your new teeth may end up working better than your natural ones. Use that strong powerful bite to eat new foods and improve digestion. Stop dealing with the pain and seek help from our doctors. Always make sure you are taking care of your teeth and implants. Your oral health is more important than you think.


To learn more about dental implants in Rockefeller Center and our doctors, you can click here.

Comprehensive Dental Care New York City

Comprehensive Dental Care New York City

Comprehensive Dental Care New York City is your first line of defense for protecting your health.

Everything inside your mouth is connected to your whole body. Recent studies show a direct connection between poor oral health and health conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. Early detection through comprehensive dental care new york city is important because it offers the best chance for prevention.

Watch out for:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Signs of infection
  • Shifting teeth
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Family history of periodontal disease

We can help you detect any of these problems through one dental exam. We offer comprehensive dental care for the whole family.


dental implants new york city

Ways to Care for your Dental Implants New York City

It’s important to take care of your dental implants New York City. The better the care, the longer they’ll last. Here are some ways to maintain them:

  • Daily Brushing: Patients should brush their dental implants New York City at least twice a day. This will ensure that the growth of bacteria is prevented and your teeth stay protected from tooth decay and other oral diseases. Electric brushes have proved to be more efficient and make your implants last longer.
  • Daily Flossing: Flossing should already be a part of your daily dental hygiene. Flossing will help remove any extra debris on your dental implants.
  • Regular Dental Appointments: It’s important to have your dental implants checked regularly. Regular examinations ensure your dentist knows how your implants are developing and gives you coaching as to how to avoid more serious problems.
  • Professional cleaning: Regular teeth cleaning by a professional is also essential for teeth and gum health.
Veneers New York City

Pros and Cons of Veneers New York City

Veneers New York City are a great, long-term solution to your dental insecurities. However, there are some pros and cons.

Pros of veneers New York City:

  • Your smile will be dazzling.
  • Your smile will be dazzling in a very short period of time.
  • It’s a low maintenance procedure that just requires a follow up visit.
  • They require the same maintenance as your natural teeth- daily brushing and flossing.

Cons of veneers New York City:

  • The procedure is irreversible.
  • Because some enamel is removed before veneers are placed, you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • They may not match the color of your other teeth. If you want to whiten, you must do so before having veneers placed.
  • Veneers can sometimes pop off.
  • Those who grind their teeth are not good candidates for veneers. The pressure can cause them to crack or chip. And, if that happens, the veneers cannot be fixed.