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Anti-Aging Dentistry New York City

Look Younger with Anti-Aging Dentistry New York City

Anti-Aging Dentistry New York City might be your answers to looking younger. It is a fast, long-lasting way to look younger, healthier, happier, and simply offer up the best version of yourself.

  1. Dental implants can help your sagging cheeks. They will fill gaps in your smile and help rebuild the foundation for your teeth.
  2. Veneers can fill the dark gaps in the corners of your smile. Veneers can be used to manipulate the size of your teeth – while also making them look white, straight, and attractive – which will eliminate any corner darkness.
  3. Invisalign can help resurrect your worn down teeth.
  4. Tooth whitening can clear any stains on your teeth. Years of drinking coffee or wine, years of smoking, or the simple fact of aging can discolor your teeth, making you look older and unhealthy.


dental implants new york city

Ways to Care for your Dental Implants New York City

It’s important to take care of your dental implants New York City. The better the care, the longer they’ll last. Here are some ways to maintain them:

  • Daily Brushing: Patients should brush their dental implants New York City at least twice a day. This will ensure that the growth of bacteria is prevented and your teeth stay protected from tooth decay and other oral diseases. Electric brushes have proved to be more efficient and make your implants last longer.
  • Daily Flossing: Flossing should already be a part of your daily dental hygiene. Flossing will help remove any extra debris on your dental implants.
  • Regular Dental Appointments: It’s important to have your dental implants checked regularly. Regular examinations ensure your dentist knows how your implants are developing and gives you coaching as to how to avoid more serious problems.
  • Professional cleaning: Regular teeth cleaning by a professional is also essential for teeth and gum health.
Veneers New York City

Pros and Cons of Veneers New York City

Veneers New York City are a great, long-term solution to your dental insecurities. However, there are some pros and cons.

Pros of veneers New York City:

  • Your smile will be dazzling.
  • Your smile will be dazzling in a very short period of time.
  • It’s a low maintenance procedure that just requires a follow up visit.
  • They require the same maintenance as your natural teeth- daily brushing and flossing.

Cons of veneers New York City:

  • The procedure is irreversible.
  • Because some enamel is removed before veneers are placed, you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • They may not match the color of your other teeth. If you want to whiten, you must do so before having veneers placed.
  • Veneers can sometimes pop off.
  • Those who grind their teeth are not good candidates for veneers. The pressure can cause them to crack or chip. And, if that happens, the veneers cannot be fixed.